Film Design


Epoxy Resin

Carbon Fiber

Cubic Coating Film



Red-black Carbon KevlarBlack Twill CarbonBlue-Black Carbon Kevlar
High quality Carbon Fiber Cloth,
Carbon Kevlar and Kevlar Cloth...

Cubic Clothing Film
3-D Printing can coat many kind of materials.Over300
veins for your choices such as Wooden & Carbon Fiber vien.
We suggest to process also starter kit andVCD...

Make a nice car with Carbon
Fiber Cloth and Cubic Coating Film...


Car Racing had made of Fiber Feinforced Plastic
Fiber Glass is a kind of Reinforcement,
can make a strong product, long lasting
and lightness when mixed with resin or plastic
which stickier than Fiber Reinforced Plastic...

How to make a Fiberglass Part,Image Statuary,
Roving, Chopped Strand Mat,Surfacing Mat etc ...

fiberglass, scissors
Scissors for kevlar cloth, Epoxy Resin Coating


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