Epoxy Resin

Carbon Fiber



Product Feature

- Able to coat the whole material such as
   Metal : Iron, Copper, Stainless steel, Aluminium and various kind of casting alloy
   Plastic : ABS, EVA, PVC, PC, PS, PU etc.
   Wooden part and products
   Ceramic, porcelain and glass.
   Compound material of carbon fiber
- Able to coat all of shape such as Automobile and boat parts, Household Accessories,
   Sport Equipment, Lights, Electric Fans, Telephone Set, Computer Mouse, Remote
   Control, Cell phone etc.
- There are approximately 300 veins available for customer choices and it is also    available to accept to develop the  exclusive vein for customers such as Wooden
   vein series, Marble vein series and Designed veins (illusory series).
- Save time, low cost, high benefit.
- No pollution.
- To digested in the water.



50 cm.

500 m.

80 cm.

500 m.

Activator (Set A )

Activator (Set B)

34 Kg.

15 Kg.

(2 Ratio)

(1 Ratio)

Note : Used both of Activator.


Prepare the tools are the following

1. Cubic Coating Film

8. Dipping Tank

2. Activator

9. Washing Tank

3. Air Pump

10. Lacquer or Polyurethane

4. Water Pump

11. Oven Room

5. Air Gun

12. Glue Paper

6. Spray Paint Gun

13. Jig for dipping

7. Base Coat Color

14. Paint Brush

7 Easy steps are the following
1. Clean up the object and paint with base coat color.
2. Spray coat with the Activator on Film.
3. Place on the surface in dipping tank.
4. Dip the object down and clean up again.
5. To dry .
6. Coat with lacquer or polyurethane.
7. To dry again.




To coated Car Accessories.


To Coated Mobile Phone Cover,
Household Accessories etc.

Cubic Coating Film
Look for vein series.....


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